Building Mindery, pt 1

Building Mindery, pt 1

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·Jun 22, 2021·

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I've spend the last few months learning android development using Java/Kotlin, and so I decided to write my first app.

It's not a giant app, but will hopefully stretch my skills and let a lot of this stuff I've been learning sink in.

It's called Mindery. It's a reminder app to let you know when all your subscriptions/autopays/free trials are due/come out/expire. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly signing up for stuff that lasts a week or two, and I have a terrible time remembering to cancel.

I can view all of the subscriptions etc in one place without having to hunt for them, and see exactly when something is due and how much.

That's the gist of the whole app. I have some other small things I'd like it to do, such as send me a password to my email if I've forgotten it without all the secret question stuff, but that requires it to store a password securely and some other stuff I haven't quite thought through yet.

I'm currently building it as an android project with Kotlin. I may consider porting it to Apple at some point, but for now it's strictly android.

What have I done so far? I've set up the project. I wireframed the entire project, including a landing page for desktop and mobile. Designed a logo and an icon for the phone.

On the app itself, I currently have a splash screen, an initial start screen, and a form to hold the initial data.

Code-wise, I put in a SpashScreenActivity that fades after a few seconds and moves to the initial "add an account" screen(which basically just holds a button). That button then transitions to the next activity which is the form that the user then fills out with account info.

My first Goal (sprint?) Is to get all the rough functionality done within the first few weeks, depending on how much time I can devote to working on it. Things are going pretty quickly up to this point. I haven't run into any real major problems yet. The only issue I have so far is there's a weird transition from the splash screen to initial add account screen, and I haven't taken the time to sort it out yet.

This is my first post on Hashnode, so feel free to connect! I'm on Twitter @andevrs and linkedin.com/in/tindrew

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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